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A modern and practical approach to judicial training for court staff and bailiffs in Europe

About the project

Under the Justice Programme 2021-2027, ERA is implementing a new training project for court staff and bailiffs in partnership with the European Judicial Training Network (EJTN), the Belgian Judicial Training Institute (IGO-IFJ), the Bulgarian National Institute of Justice (NIJ), the Romanian National School of Clerks (NSC) and with the support of 13 national judicial training institutions and the European Union of Judicial Officers (UEHJ).

Recent studies and reports show that court staff and bailiffs receive insufficient training in EU law. Building on the knowledge and experience gained from the implementation of previous court staff training projects, and following the recommendations made in the recent “Study on the training needs of court staff on EU law in the EU”, ERA and the project consortium will tackle the deficiencies of court staff and bailiffs’ training by adopting a modern and practical approach to EU judicial training and by developing coherent and innovative training packages for future use.


  • To train ca. 500 court staff and 50 bailiffs by organising 21 interactive and practical legal training activities on EU civil and criminal law matters
  • To provide up-to-date standardised training packages to set up interactive seminars for court staff and bailiffs
  • To provide advanced training on selected EU instruments in civil and criminal matters, tailormade to their everyday tasks
  • To offer stand-alone e-tools for legal English in civil and criminal law matters
  • To improve the necessary basic language skills in terms of legal terminology in English amongst court staff and bailiffs to facilitate cross-border communication and cooperation
  • To make use of the network of court staff training providers established by EJTN and provide a platform for exchange of best practices, information and knowledge in a practice-oriented way


Co-funded by  the European Union